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South Pointe Logistics is an independent expedite contractor working exclusively for FedEx Custom Critical, Inc., which is considered to be the largest time-sensitive critical-shipment service in North America. South Pointe takes great pride in being a part of FedEx Custom Critical White Glove Services®, as do their specially-trained and certified teams.
Owners Bev and Ed Regan began their affiliation with FedEx Custom Critical in 2006 as owner-operators. They have driven throughout the United States and Canada and know first-hand what being on the road entails, which enables them to better understand and be better partners with their teams. Also beneficial is Ed's many years of mechanic experience. His expertise and attention to detail ensures that their fleet is always exceptionally maintained.

Eventually, Bev and Ed decided to get off the road and devote all of their attention to managing their growing fleet. In 2016, they partnered with Chris and Dave Pernot, who brought additional management, human resources and IT experience to the business. Together, the four partners pay close attention to their growing business. They don't "farm out" any of their responsibilities to third-party management companies. They are 100 percent hands-on, day in and day out, and are available 24/7 to train and support their teams in any way.

Success in expediting has led to continous growth of the business over the past 13 years. South Pointe is currently adding new, state-of-the-art trucks and has openings for additional teams. Whether you're an experienced expediter or new to the business, we are interested in speaking with you. Call our recruiter directly at 704-881-3782 to learn more or  APPLY TODAY! 
South Pointe Logistics fleet owners, Ed & Bev Regan and Chris & Dave Pernot